An important message for Colleyville citizens

This is the City of Colleyville citizen survey. Your opinions and perspectives shape the plans and actions of the City of Colleyville. The survey will help us gauge how we’re doing, but more importantly, it plays a critical role in determining the programs and initiatives we pursue. Citizen responses on previous surveys have influenced our approach to funding roads and infrastructure, helped the city target retailers that citizens desire, led to stronger regulations for door-to-door solicitors, and brought about an increase in public meetings and opportunities for public input.

Please take a few minutes to complete the survey. Your answers will be anonymous and results will be tabulated by a third party, National Service Research.  All surveys must be completed by February 28, 2017.

Thank you for your invaluable participation.

Mayor Richard Newton                                 Mayor Pro Tem Chris Putnam           
Councilmember Tammy Nakamura            Councilmember Bobby Lindamood
Councilmember Jody Short                           Councilmember Nancy Coplen
Councilmember Mike Taylor

Communication Preferences

1a. How do you currently get information about the City of Colleyville?

(Check all that apply)

City e-news/e-communicator
City website (
City's Facebook page
City cable channel
City Council and/or City Staff
Community meetings
CodeRED (in emergencies)
Webcast of public meetings
Utility bill newsletter (Communicator)
Local newspaper, magazine, radio, TV

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