Leadership Fort Worth Branding Survey

Leadership Fort Worth (LFW) is reaching out to its audiences to assess its brand.  This brand assessment will provide an opportunity to evaluate LFW's brand strength, to underscore the value of LFW with its core market, and to reposition, if necessary, to reflect changes in the marketplace.  It will help LFW recommit to its vision and goals moving forward.

We would greatly appreciate your frank and honest input.  This 14 question survey is being conducted by an independent third-party, National Service Research, so please be assured comments will be anonymous.

We thank you for your time.

1.  What words describe Leadership Fort Worth?

2.  Which describes your involvement with LFW?
Current Donor (in-kind or monetary)
Past Donor (in-kind or monetary)
Current Leadership Class
Current Leading Edge
Graduate of Leadership Class or Leading Edge
Have sent employees through Leadership Class or Leading Edge
Board shadow program (participant or non-profit organization)
Served as a presenter and/or content expert

3a.  What is your level of familiarity with LFW's programs? (Choose one answer for each program)

  Level of Familiarity
I am very knowledgeable about this program I am fairly familiar with this program I have head of the program but know very little I have heard of the program but do not know anything about it Never heard of this program
Leadership Class
Leading Edge
Membership Programming (programs for the members)
LFW Board Shadow Program

3b.  Compared to other Leadership organizations you are familiar with, how would you rate LFW?  Would you say it is;

Much better
Much worse
Not aware of other leadership programs, unable to answer

3c.  Regarding your answer to Q3a above, why did you give LFW that rating?

4.  What are the key strengths of LFW?

5.  How can LFW improve its visibility and/or brand?

6a.  How can LFW boost awareness of its Leadership Class program?

6b.  How can LFW boost awareness of its Leading Edge program?

6c.  How can LFW boost awareness of its LeaderKids program?

6a.  How can LFW boost awareness of its Membership Programming?

6a.  How can LFW boost awareness of its Board Shadow Program?

7.  What would entice you to be a stronger supporter of LFW?

8.  Leadership Fort Worth needs the support of donors and members to allow programs to serve the community at a fee that is accessible to all segments of the community. How well is this communicated?

Very well
Not very well
Very poorly

9.  How long have you lived/worked in the Fort Worth area?
Less than 1 years
1 to 5 years
6 to 20 years
21 to 40 years
More than 40 years

10.  How many years have you had involvement with LFW?
Less than 2 years
2 to 5 years
6 to 10 years
More than 10 years

11.  Are you a;
Current dues paying member
Member but not paying dues

12.  Which best describes your organization or company?
Government entity
For profit company
Non-profit company

13.  What is Leadership Fort Worth best known for? (Please choose the top three)
Community trusteeship
Stronger community
Professional development
Civic engagement
Leadership skill development

14.  What are the top leadership programs in the Fort Worth area?

MISSION: To empower and connect diverse leaders who serve as catalysts for a vibrant community.

Thank you for your valued time and participation.