City of Grapevine Quality of Life Survey 2015

Since 2006, the City of Grapevine has allocated a portion of sales tax to Quality of Life projects in Grapevine.  In the past, these capital (or non-recurring) expenditures have been used for Parks & Recreation projects such as Oak Grove Ballfield Complex, Casey’s Clubhouse, Dove Pool renovation, Bellaire Park and other projects such as backlit street signs, outdoor emergency sirens and emergency traffic preemption.

As some of these needs have been met, we’d like to inquire about your thoughts on appropriate use for these capital funds.  Please tell us what you consider to be Quality of Life expenditures.  This is a very short survey and will only take a few minutes of your time, we value your time and input.

NOTE: Keep in mind, these sales tax funds are current revenues and DO NOT require a tax increase.