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Welcome to the leadership resilience inventory! 

This inventory will give you feedback about your current state of resilience and the enablers of leadership resilience. It will take you about 15 minutes (If you close your browser before you complete it, you'll have to start over, so it is best to start and complete it in one sitting).

After answering just a few demographic questions first, you'll have a chance to respond to 10 questions in four areas that together, create a profile of your leadership resilience. The four areas are: resilience, relationships, resonance and renewal.  

When you complete the inventory, be sure the click the final button so you will receive your results in an email. This inventory is not a test or assessment. It really is a way to get you thinking about your leadership resilience. Remember, Leadership Resilience is a characteristic you can learn and grow by practicing it every day. Enjoy the journey!

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